Desktop As A Service (DaaS)



VDI as a Service

Is desktop flexibility important for your organization? Are you looking for secure storage for an organization’s sensitive data? Concerned about the data on your employees’ laptops when they log out of the company’s network and leave the office? Looking for ways to manage your geographically distributed workforce’s computers? Worried about not meeting the compliance requirements?

Our VDI-as-a-service addresses all these concerns.

VDI provides authorized users with access to remotely hosted virtualized desktops. Run-on a centralized server, the virtual desktop infrastructure is accessible by all approved users, from any location, any device, without compromising the performance of local desktops.

Monitoring and control

Our VDI is a cent percent managed service that provides a fully customizable desktop experience, profile-based application access, updates, patches, data backup, and up-to-date security. Reports are provided periodically.


User support is included. We use state of the art RMM tools to make sure that these are updated to the security and performance updates regularly.

Pricing We will meet your organization’s needs and budget with competitive, pay-as-you-go pricing. We will work to help you achieve the desired cost savings whether you are looking for simple virtual desktops or sophisticated state-of-the- art functionality including extensive memory, outstanding processors and graphics to develop advanced cognitive solutions. You can start with a shared desktop environment and seamlessly move to a dedicated VDI with your own AD domain as your needs grow.

How to Choose the right Solution?

  • How many virtual machines do you want to deploy? How many desktops?
  • What applications (local and cloud) are you running on your desktops?
  • Do you use volume licensing or retail licensing for the apps?
  • Do you use MAC or Linux desktops for development and production use?

Our team will assist with the creation of your cloud-based desktop environment and integrating it with your existing network.

  • Identify users’ profiles
  • Conduct designing and planning workshops to determine the desktop requirement(s)
  • Deploy VDIs, including applications required for your environment
  • Test and handover to you
  • Provide your users with their desktop image, that can be customized and saved for future use